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The upcoming student’s leader’s elections at the coastal satellite campus have attracted a lot of buzz in the universities corridors. Many aspirants have expressed their intentions of clinching the top seat, sleeves have been rolled, committees formed and arrows drawn.

We caught up with the outspoken, amazingly eloquent and a serious visionary who is also the Top seat aspirant, Mr. Hezron Munene who unveiled his winning formulae as detailed below.

Team kish4shizzle was born in early may this year with the intention of bringing together young people from within the campus and the entire coastal region. According to Mr. Munene, the team is led and guided by the principles and core values of Integrity, Opportunity, Innovation and Teamwork. He went ahead and introduced some of his team members who accompanied him to the interview.

Daniel Kisua is the aspirant for Communication and Entertainment post, according to him, the team is set to create awareness amongst young talent and ensure that there is a platform for those who want to be in the entertainment business (Industry), by providing a platform to nature talents.

He added that, hosting successful events that are planned and advertised properly and early in advance, at least some weeks to the event date will play a big role in popularizing the satellite campus. Mr.Kisua says the team has plans to invite artists and other guests to be part of the movement. Daniel popularly known as “Vamps” also intends to plan for trips and excursions that will benefit the comrades socially and education wise. “I will relentlessly push for the installation of a strong internet connection accessible to all comrades at the TAARA campus to benefit the students with their research. “Said the aspiring director.”

Vamps” “short dark simple and straightforward” is guided by the principle of honesty and has a great passion for Entertainment in various sectors. “According to my understanding I elucidate the veracity of the term Entertainment as the activity that holds the attention and interest of the comrades in this case or gives pleasure and delight. Basically in a campus Entertainment is purposed to unite comrades.” he added.

Mr. Mohamed Hakeem Ibrahim, the Aspirant for the Sports Director post main objective is to elevate smaller sports clubs to increase membership and participation thus ensuring success in all competitions. “I aspire to achieve this by creating links with local senior class.” He emphasized on the importance of sharing training facilities, equipment and personnel. Mr. Hakeem reiterated his commitment to work hand in hand with fellow directors and source for a field which will be used during training session and in main sporting events.

He plans to maximize participation in all sports across the university as well as strengthen the bonds between teams. Mr. Hakeem is hoping to successfully push for installation of sports therapist and sporting injuries covers for all sportsmen within the campus during training and major events. He also cited the need for provision of transport during training session and games which is also key on his agenda.

Rukia Yusuf the Aspiring Health and Catering Director, reassured comrades of her commitment to inject fresh changes into her docket, this serious lady awed team signature with her objectivity and mastery of the queens language, and we quote, “I feel privileged that friends, comrades and all people of good will have endorsed me for this post.”

“I am well-grounded on impartiality and tolerance. It’s well known that am an ardent activist of inclusivity, involvement and forward thinking.” She posed to team Signature with a purposeful stare.

“In an era where food is a health issue, and with my obvious zeal and vigor in matters affecting comrades, I feel my ambitions for this key position justified.

I stand as an agitator of collective efforts between different actors and fellow aspirants for service delivery to comrades on whose hands lay the ultimate power of MUSO.”

She appealed to fellow aspirants to rise, exemplify and define responsible leadership as decorum is a yard-stick to comrades and friends.

“We need synergy in our efforts and sound interrelation amongst persons in leadership irrespective of their cadre” Said Rukia.

“In light of the urgency to relook on our dietary affairs, we direly need to inject concerted efforts in order to stimulate our systems to precipitate the long overdue changes we have always wished for. These few introductory statements hint to my manifesto which package my obligation and commitment to the electorate. My manifesto will be due for scrutiny and perusal as soon as campaign season hit the ground”, Said Miss Yusuf.

Khadija Mahmud the aspirant for Director of Academics post. This is a one, calm, collected and thoughtful lady. “I aspire to enhance social cohesion amongst students partaking different courses in the university, this is the only sure way to nurture an environment that’s conducive for peer learning. “

“My main objective is to tap into the diversity and wealth of the brains that walk this campus. With collective efforts, team Kish4Shizzle will ensure that this campus churns out well rounded, employable and resourceful graduates.” Said Khadija

And then we met Sarah Fakii, eyeing the post of Assistant Secretary General. Simply put she is the epitome of philosophy, talk of saving the best for last. You can leave it to this lady and she will slay, any day! See her comment below

“I can transform my own darkness into light. I love and embrace my private shadows. I meet my emotional depths and own them. I face my fear of failure and rise above illusions. I am the source of myself and am always in a state of greater becoming. I know if I don’t make an attempt i might never know the depths of despair, but neither will i experience the exhilaration of success.

After all any elevation requires separation from negativity. Case closed. Hats off madam Fakii.
Surely this sounds like a winning formula. Best wishes team kish4shizzle.

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