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Robert Alai Caught with his pants down!!


Controversial blogger and ODM die hard; Robert Alai is a man known for his very outright and almost always biased opinions on just about anything; especially the Kenyan political scene. Alai loves to pass out judgment from a high seat. He loves to portray himself as the robin hood of the people. Always trying to bring what he considers as justice to those who are seemingly unable to do so. One would be forgiven for thinking the man lives a very upright life and that he is spotless and without his own weaknesses.
We have however established this is not the case this time round. It looks like Robert Alai has been trying to hide some very ugly skeletons but they have finally been brought to light. This time round Alai needs to stand up and be the man he pretends to be on social media. For a man who claims to be against spouse battering, Alai is living the typical preaching water and drinking chag’aa life.
Someone made a post on their Facebook exposing Alai for having fathered a son with one Beatrice Odhiambo only for him to throw her; and their Son out of their matrimonial home when the boy was just 7 months. Apparently, Alai has seen how well the woman is doing together with the son and he wants the boy, who is now 7 years old back.
This is a child who has clearly been raised fine alone, is Alai trying to have him back so as to turn him into the Kind of Man he is? The woman does not want anything to do with Alai.
This is the Post that was made.

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