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You wont believe what Jaguar did to his Shags


It is always the same script with most celebrities who have the rags to riches story once they get their hands on money. We have seen and read how they play out. How they live very lavish lifestyles in Nairobi, frequenting expensive joints and driving very posh cars. It always comes as a shocker when information about their rural homes gets to the media. We get to see how some of these celebrities leave their parents to wallow in poverty, living in very dilapidated houses. Some of these celebrities seem to forget the struggles their parents made for them growing up. Jaguar however, has a different story. He made a very touching post on his Facebook page. He gives an emotional recap of how he left his rural home without shoes in search of greener pastures. One can only imagine the kind of house he was raised in. He thanks God for blessing his hustle. He poses next to what is clearly a newly built House and thanks the contractors who seem to have done a very good job.
Here is one celebrity who has clearly not forgotten about his Family Roots.

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