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Ezekiel Kemboi Stripped of his Bronze


It is never about how you begin but about the kind of final performance you give or is it? One is always advised not to make any decision when charged by raw Emotion, something Ezekiel Kemboi seems to have forgotten about as he made his retirement announcement, only to reverse it a day later.
It has not been a glossy Affair at the Rio Olympics for the athlete who has won four world championships titles, including the most recent competition in Beijing in 2015. The biggest Shocker maybe was the fact that he lost, terribly if we may add, in a race that he has previously dominated for close to a decade, making him appear invincible. He managed to bag bronze; a title which he was later stripped off after Mahiedine Mekhissi, a French athlete who came in fourth place challenged the win. He claimed that Ezekiel Kemboi has broken a law when he stepped outside the track at the bend. The decision upheld by IAAF saw the bronze transferred to the French National.
Maybe overcome by disappointment and shock, Ezekiel Kemboi made the announcement about his retirement, claiming it was about time he retired after his fourth World Olympics participation. On Thursday however, Ezekiel Kemboi took to his Facebook page where he wrote “I had opted to retire right after the Olympics only if i had come home with this medal….now i feel that i have to bring back this medal not by protesting again but right on track. Kemboi is not retired i will be coming to London 2017 to re-claim my medal from France. No limits.”
We can only cheer him on the decision and hope he manages to bag the gold in France. It will be a fitting end to such a dedicated legend, whose celebratory dance moves on the tracks have become a trending thing in the social circles.
His determination and focus to preserve his legacy is something Kenyan Politicians ought to borrow heavily from.

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