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Will Waititu Manage to Unseat William Kabogo?


Ferdinand Waititu is giving William Kabogo sleepless nights and busy days. Ferdinand Waititu is very keen on clinching the Kiambu Gubernatorial seat come next year and may very well have an easy ride to that seat if the current political atmosphere in Kiambu County is anything to go by. The latest polls by Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA) research give him a lead with 49% while William Kabogo follows with a mere 22%. James Nyoro who was the Main opponent for the gubernatorial seat in the last elections follows with an 8% popularity. With 18% undecided.

William Kabogo has on more than one occasion being booed while trying to address residents of Kiambu County. He has not made any political mileage to secure him a second term after he has made a series of moves that can only be termed as political sabotage. The first thing he did was move the county government offices from Kiambu town to Thika town, this received a lot of opposition and he had to bow to the pressure to relocate the headquarters to their rightful location. He then embarked on a mission to increase revenue collection within the County and increased charges for business permits. This was seen as a harassment on the small time trader in Kiambu County who after paying the said amount would have ended up literally working for the county government. The traders formed an Alliance and went to court to oppose these amounts, the court placed an injunction that has seen traders escape the county charges for three years now.

These are but some of the moves that have seem Kabogos’ unpopularity grow, while at the same time, making Waititus’ bid easier as he is seen as the man who equals William Kabogo in Political maneuvers. While Waititu may not be the best man for the position, he is deemed as a lesser evil.

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